Digital regulators RGL-910

Format: 96 x 96 x 127 mm (1/4 DIN).
Source Standard: 110/220 V a.c. 6 24/220V a.c. to be determined.
Input: Pt 100, J, K, 4/20 mA, 0/10V (3 digits) to be determined.
Pre-selection of the set point: Analogic with clutch button.
Indication of the measured value: LED display. 3 digits of 8 mm, colour red.
Control output: SPDT relay.
Optional: Logic de 0/24 V, analogic 0/10 V o 4/20 mA.
Control system: : All/nothing or PD to be determined. Alarm optional, output by SPDT relay, fitted to be operative, depending on what is set, values above or below set point at which it is delivered. Adjustable potentiometer situated on the side part (can be pulled out).

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