Portable equipment


Portable Thermometers

Input: Thermocouple K (Models with 1 or 2 inputs).
Measurement range: -50 +1.300°C (58 +2000° F).
Resolution: 1 6 O.1° C/F, selection automatically. Manual correction from zero. Anti-knock protection sheath. Diversity of adjustable thermocouple models. Memorization of maximum value recorded.

Thermometer-Data Logger

Input: Thermocouple K.
Range: -200 +1370°C. Peak and trough function (Memorization of maximum and minimum values recorded).
Storage capacity: 16.000 readings. Indication of complete memory. Programming of recording interval.
Connection to PC: with bidirectional RS232. . Includes software for data processing. Access to thermometer from the PC, in real time, and visualization.

Infrared thermometer

Temperature range: -32 +400° C.
Precision: ±1 % ó 1ºC, the best of both.
Repeatability: ±1 % ó 1ºC, the best of both.
Response time: 500 mseg (95% of the value).
Spectral response: 7-18 im.
Emissions: Fived at 95. (Adjustable from 0.3 a 1.0, on order).
Optical resolution: 8:1. (30:1. on order). Focus with pointed laser.

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