Pressure transmitters

Transmisores de presionTransmisores de presion

Series FCX-A/C

The transmitters of the series FCX-A/C are high-performance instruments fitted with a micro capacity silicon sensor and electronics based on ASlC and CMOS technology which allow a compact size and with an improvement of 40% on conventional models.
Applications: absolute precision, differential, relative, level of liquids, etc.
Precision: 0,1% (Standard).
On order: 0,075010.
Output: Analogical (4/20 mA) 6 Smart (Protocol HART®).
Intrinsic safety: CENELEC EEx ia IIC T4/5 (BASEEFA). Possibility of local analogical 6 numbered indicator.
Measurement ranges: from 10 m Bar up to 30 Bar (differential or absolute pressure), depending on model.
Adjustment of the zero: ± 100% of the span.
All parts in contact with the fluid are made of stainless steel: lnox AlSl316 (Standard). Others on order (Hastelloy C-276, Monel-400, Tantalium).